Tuesday, November 18, 2014

One day left of class before we are on break next week for our Fall/Thanksgiving break.

****Important!  I am not able to tutor students on Friday morning at 10, as previously stated….my son has a doctor’s appointment that I have to get him to.  Instead, we can meet for essay writing help on Monday, December 1st at 11:00 am.*****

Students will getting homework from me for Friday, as well as Monday, December 1st, and this will include a rough draft for a writing assignment.

Homework for Thursday:


Graphic Organizer for Drago  Drogo, the tanner’s apprentice graphic organizer

Study for vocabulary test on Thursday.  Students will need to know at least one word for each of the roots listed below.

intra – inside/within  (intravenous)

intro – inwardly/within  (introvert)

micro-  very small/tiny (microscope)

morph – shape/form (amorphous)

em/en – in, caused to be in a certain condition

in/im – into, on (impossible)

multi – many, much, more than one (multicolored)

omni – all/every (omniscient)

ir – not/without (irresponsible)

il – not/without (illuminate)

infra – beneath/below (infrastructure)

inter – between/among/jointly (international)

scrib – write/written (inscribe)

rupt – break/burst (rupture)