6th Grade: November 5, 2014


  • Classwork:   Fantastic 4, common denominators, adding and subtracting fractions
  • Homework:  Worksheet 3.6 complete #1 a and b from assignment page, then from skills do the following problems: #2 and 3 (starred problems only ),  #14 using the drawing to demonstrate the addition problem, #17, 18, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 can be completed just showing work but not “drawing” the problem. (3 6 add and subtact fractions)


  • Classwork: Mighty Soda Can Crush
  • Homework:  Finish Lab in complete sentences

Language Arts

  • Classwork:     Vocabulary test;  Work on setting template for  Golden Goblet, begin writing paragraph; begin reading chapter 4 and practice reading “closely” with the novel- identify Heqet jokes.
  • Homework: 1.Vocabulary packet (vis/scope) due 11/12 (vis and scope vocab packet) Remember part C has two parts that are required, #2&3  2.   Finish setting template paragraph using dialectical journal from chapter 1 reading (setting template)  3.  Read book of your choice in preparation of next book report (dialectical journal book report)- due 11/7   4.  Read Chapter 4 of Golden Goblet, use post it notes to find Heqet jokes

Social Studies

  • Classwork:  Began Egyptian Religion Webquest
  • Homework:   NONE 🙂