Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Welcome to November~  the school year is already going so fast!

For Thursday, students need to complete the adversity graphic organizer for “Jacob Ben Salomon and Petronella”  We read this in class, and now they need to go back through the dialogue and look for evidence from the text to support their ideas for the theme.  Jacob Ben Salomon and Petronella graphic organizer

Exit Ticket:  How has the author helped us get to know the children of medieval times?  Complete a paragraph.  Exit ticket, how has the author helped us get to know children of medieval times

Vocab word web:  ir and il  Latin root word web


Four types of sentences worksheet  Four types of sentences

Students should also choose another book to start reading for our next book project.  It will not be a book review this next time and they will have until our last class period on December 18.