Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Free Write

We finally started using our Vocabulary Notebook (spiral ring notebook under vocabulary tab).  We’ve added 4 word and student should have the definitions written, along with the word:

theme:  the main subject that is being discussed or described in a piece of writing

adversity:  a difficult situation or condition

monologue:  a long speech given by a character in a story, play, or movie

dialogue:  a conversation between two or more people

We finished looking at the way an author demonstrates a theme in a story by using the narrator’s thoughts, a character’s actions, through word choice and figurative language.  Students completed a worksheet to accompany the story “Barbary, the Mud Slinger”.  In addition we read a new story from the book Good Masters, Sweet Ladies, called “Hugo, the Lord’s Nephew” and we continued our theme of adversity with this story.  This story was read aloud in class and then students had the opportunity to make notes about the text using post it notes.  Students need to complete the graphic organizer to accompany this story.  They will be looking for evidence from the story to demonstrate what adversities Hugo and people of his class faced in the middle ages.  Students also need to complete the same process for “Giles, the Beggar”, from our book.  They need to read through it once for the “gist”.  The second time they read they need to chunk it into stanzas and after reading a few use a post it to make notes.  Continue for whole story.  Next, they need to complete the graphic organizer for this story.

I forgot to make copies of the new spelling list, so students will do Thursday 10/23 as their spelling homework since we did not do it in class.

Word web em/en, im/in, micro, morph

In history, we started our medieval “books”.  Students were give the opportunity to create their front cover.  Next they completed their table of contents, added a vocabulary page as page 1 and 2 and their physical feature map is page 3.  We will continue to add to this as we go through the unit.  They will be given grades on each assignment, and another grade on the entire finished “book”.  Everything has been 3 hole punched so that students can keep it all together in their history section of their binders.

History text, read pages 234-239 and answer questions 1-5.