Thursday October 16, 2014

We are starting our Middle Ages unit and much of the students language arts will be integrated with their history.  We are still working on close reading and digging deep into a text.  We practiced in class reading “Middle Ages, excerpt 1”.  Students will need to complete the adversity chart that goes along with this reading.  We completed the first entry in class.  Middle ages excerpt 1  Middle ages excerpt 1 questions     Adversity chart and quickwrite

Students will then practice at home reading “Middle Ages, excerpt 2” on their own answering the questions.  Middle ages excerpt 2  Middle ages excerpt 2 questions

Students also will need to complete the mapwork.  This mapwork shows who invaded where and who settled where in Europe.  They have specific colors they will need to label the different groups and settlements with.  Please pay attention to the instructions on the front page.


In class we completed the Viking quest.   Viking quest   Students really enjoyed this and wanted me to post URL so they can do it again at home.