Thursday, October 2, 2014

Welcome to October!

Students have a history test coming up on Tuesday.  They started a study guide in class, and this is their homework.  They need to finish the study guide and STUDY! Roman empire study guide

Language arts, they need to read the Pandora story and write a summary.  They need to complete graphic organizer that is included after the myth and they need to include what the myth explains.  Pandora summar writing

Students also have another complex sentence worksheet and their spelling to complete as well.  Complex sentence 1 and 2

Spelling group 1 –Spelling week 2-1

Spelling group 2 – Spelling week 2-2

Spelling group 3 –Spelling week 2-3

In class we worked on using better words in our writing.  We completed an RIP words chart and put many words to rest.  Here is a worksheet we used Worn out words