6th Grade: September 19th, 2014


  • Classwork:  Fantastic 4, ratio quiz, ratios on a coordinate plane
  • Homework: Ratio Lesson 14 Worksheet (math ratio lesson 14); please complete all pages, all problems.


  • Classwork: Weathering Lab part 3 (Weathering Lab); teach taking Cornell Notes of Chapter 9, Section 2.
  • Homework:   1.  Complete part 3 of the lab if not already complete.  Make sure questions are answered in COMPLETE sentences!  2.  Finish taking notes of Chapter 9, Section 2 (cornellnotestemplatedoc).

Language Arts

  • Classwork:  Writing Assessment; Writer’s workshop- Mrs. James reviews templates for students to be ready to write part C for Vocabulary packet, Conjunction Junction!  What is a conjunction??
  • Homework: 1.Vocabulary packet (tele/trans) (tele trans vocab) due 9/24   Remember that part C of the vocabulary packet has two parts this week- writing an expository paragraph about transcontinental flight (please use template!!) (Literary Analysis Paragraph Template-5paragraphgeneral)  AND  sentences for starred vocabulary words (there are 10)   2.  Read Out of the Dust p. 85-122  4.  Out of the Dust questions (out of dust questions) due 10/3 in COMPLETE sentences on a separate paper    5.  Book Review due 9/26 (bookreview)

Social Studies

  • Classwork:  Discussed why people migrate today and why they may have during the Paleolithic time period ;Discussed specific climate changes that might cause migration- tied in with Dust Bowl
  • Homework: CLOSE read “Late Paleolithic People of……” article.  Students were each given one article (East Africa, Middle East, or Eastern Europe) to read closely….underlining important parts, circling words that are unknown, and being able to tell their group the “gist” of the article.