September 18, 2014

As we have been working through our history group project, I noticed that students were having difficulty using evidence to back up their theories as to why Rome fell.  So, we did a lesson today on close reading of a text, and forming evidencce-based claims from the text.  We read part of the text in class (the first 5 paragraphs) twice and students saw an example of how to form evidence based claims.  For their homework, they are do read the rest of the text “Commonwealth Club Address” by Ceasar Chavez and complete the Forming Evidence-Based Claims worksheet.  They should read the text at least twice.  Commonwealth club address

Word Web for the Latin/Greek roots di, dict, bio.  Latin root word web

Final draft of their Roman architecture essay.

Grammar/Mechanics – Independent and Subordinate (dependent) clause worksheet  Independent and subordinate clauses

Spelling homework