Tuesday September 15, 2014

Students will be having a vocabulary test tomorrow on the Latin/Greek roots they have been learning.  To review those roots are: mono, poly, auto, aqua, bi, biblio, cent, audi, ation.   They will be expected to know the meaning of the root, be able to create a word and then use it in a sentence.

Students now have differentiated spelling lists.  They need to continue to work on their lists just like before on the days they are home with you.  Students should know which group they are in.  Here are the spelling lists for the students:

Group 1  Spelling 1

Group 2  Spelling 2

Group 3  Spelling 3

I will move students between groups as necessary.

I have students rough drafts of their descriptive essay, Roman architecture.  I will revise and edit and give back tomorrow so they can write their final drafts.  If students have not turned this paper in, they need to do so!

We have been working on complex sentences in class.  Students have a worksheet in which they need to identify the dependent and independent clauses.  Then they need to rewrite the paragraphs combining the clauses into complex sentences.  Parts of a sentence, independent and dependent clauses

We are still working on the group project in history.  At this point many groups are done with their research and ready to work on the presentation itself.  They will have time in class tomorrow to do this and I am shooting for the groups to present on Tuesday, September 23rd.