6th Grade: September 12, 2014


  • Classwork:  Fantastic 4, equivalent ratio activity, review ratio tables, ratio double line graphs
  • Homework: Complete  Lesson 12(#1-2, all parts), Lesson 13 #1-6, Lesson 5.4 #10,12,13,14,16 (lesson 12 13 and 54 ratios)


  • Classwork: Bill Nye the science guy video on Erosion- introduction to erosion
  • Homework: Read p. 298-303 answer #1-7 in COMPLETE sentences.

Language Arts

  • Classwork:  Appositive Lesson; Writer’s Workshop:  students worked on Bear Grylls paragraph- Mrs. James checked all templates and gave feedback about how to write the paragraph
  • Homework: 1.Vocabulary packet (terro/terr/sub) (terr,terra,sub vocabulary packet) due 9/17   Remember that part C of the vocabulary packet has two parts this week- writing a terrifying tale and drawing a picture to go with it    2.  Vocabulary Test students will be tested on the following words: Terrain, Terrarium, Territory, Terrible, Terrific, Terrorism, Subconscious, Submarine, Submerge   3.  Write Bear Grylls Paragraph  4.  Read Out of the Dust p. 3-33  5.  Appositive worksheet (appositive worksheet) 6.  Book Review due 9/26 (bookreview)

Social Studies

  • Classwork:  Discussed why people migrate today and why they may have during the Paleolithic time period ;Early and Late Paleolithic Period, we completed the map and charted migration routes
  • Homework: Finish pg. 4 & 5 of their Paleolithic Journal (paleolithic journal) if not already completed