Thursday, September 11, 2014

Students have two big project they are currently working on.  One is the descriptive essay about a piece of Roman architecture.  We started working on this in class Thursday and I was helping students with their “hook” and their introductory paragraph.  The rough draft is due on Tuesday

Students also have been working on a history group project.  They are looking at all of the most accepted theories as to why Rome fell.  They are deciding as a group which theories they find are the most likely, based on their research.  They will create a presentation with their claims and their evidence to support their claims.  Each student will turn in their own notes, answers to questions (for their part) and a written paper.  Their homework was decided by the group, so it will vary for each student this weekend.  Students should have question or theories they reseaching to bring back with them to class on Tuesday.  Fall of Rome group activity

There has been no spelling this week as students took a spelling test today and their spelling lists next week will be based on the results of the test.

We reviewed sentence fragment, subject/predicate and began discussion on independent and dependent clauses.  Their homework is a subject/predicate review worksheet. Subject predicate WS