Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

In class we read excerts of a book called “City” by David Macaulay and watched scenes from his video Roman City.  Some of the students were interested in watching it in it’s entirity, so I told them I would post the link here, so here it is:

Students also got instruction on how to complete their descriptive essay on Ancient Roman Architecture.  They need to choose their subject and complete the survey by Thursday.  Architectectural survey

Here also is a list of architectural vocabulary to help them in their writing.  ARCHITECTURE GLOSSARY

We continued our work on subject and predicate (verb) and what makes a complete sentence vs. a sentence fragment.  Students then have a worksheet to complete.  Subject predicate and sentence fragment ws

For history, we are starting to discuss the fall of Rome.  Students have an assignment to read “The 200s – A Centry of Crisis”.  They also have a chart to fill out using this information as well as their textbooks and the Internet.  The sections in their textbook that will help them are sections 1, 2 and 3 of chapter 2.  The 200s a century of crisis  Fall of Rome chart

Tomorrow we will be using the computers in class for a group project in which students will begin to investigate different theories into why Rome fell.  Some student’s groups may have assigned questions to complete.  We will be working on this in class so if students do not complete this at home, there will be class time given to this.