Tuesday, August 26th

In class we are focusing on close reading.  This is a new skill that was just touched on briefly last year.  Students have learned how to approach a text and read to get the “gist” of what the text says first.  Then they go back to the text for a second read and this time with a question in mind.  This is to help them narrow their focus as they read.  We will vary the question on Thursday so they can see how this changes what they look for as they read.  We will also start to analyze the text more in depth on Thursday and we will start writing on Thursday.  All of this is challenging for the students and will take some time for it to become second nature.  Also, today we started our spelling program.  The words they have are super simple, and I realize that.  This program will build on these simple words and get harder very soon.  Here is the homework for today:

Latin root word web, auto and aqua Latin root word web

Sequential Spelling, Wednesday list Sequential Spelling Instructions

History, textbook, chapter 1 section 1.  Students have copies of the pages.  We completed pages 6-7 in class, but students need to continue on with their Cornell notes for pages 8-9. Clues from the Past reading


Lastly students should choose a book to read over the next month.  It is a book of their own choosing, but it must be at least 200 pages.  Students will be completing a “book review” of the book they choose.  I will have more details on this to follow.

Students received planners today!  Yeah!

Please don’t hesitate to call, text or e-mail with questions or concerns.

Sincerely,   Mrs. Coughren