Thursday, August 21

Classwork – Complete freewrite #2.  Group discussion.   Free write assignment 2

Classwork – Identifying fact and opinion.

Homework – Prove it! worksheet

Classwork – Close reading of “The Last Expedition” by Robert Falcon Scott.  Close examination of images, write a caption for the picture and turn in.  Close examination of multi-media text.

Homework – Complete a close read of excerpt from “To Build a Fire” by Jack London.   To Build a Fire excerpt

Classwork – Completed new correct world map continents/oceans to keep in binder and study from.  Students should study often, as I will be giving them a “pop” quiz on it in the next few weeks!  🙂

Homework – Latitude and Longitude worksheet, word puzzle.  There is an error in my puzzle…see if you can find it!  I’ll give you a hint:  #8 the second letter should also be shaded as part of the puzzle.  Longitude Latitude Homework puzzle 

Latitude and Longitude map:  Lat and long world map