6th Grade: August 29, 2014


  • Classwork:  Fantastic 4, equivalent Ratios
  • Homework: Complete Ratio Lesson 3 (math ratio lesson 3)(worksheet 5-3 skills practice #11-33 odd problems only, Lesson 3 #1-4 all parts)  Please save Lesson 4 and 5 for next week.


  • Classwork: Lab using our Scientific Tools(science tools lab)
  • Homework: Complete lab handout (Use complete sentences!)

Language Arts

  • Classwork:  Discuss Nothing But the Truth seminar worksheet, begin template for Nothing But the Truth paragraph
  • Homework: 1.Vocabulary packet due 9/3 (a an anti vocab packet) Remember that part C of the vocabulary packet has two parts this week- 7 sentences and a descriptive paragraph.  2.  Write Nothing But the Truth paragraph- Who was to blame for the conflict in the novel. Students can use their template to help with this. (Literary Analysis Paragraph Template-NBTdoc)  3.  Using our “close read” techniques read the Bear Grylls handout (bear grlls roughed it in hotels) looking for the “gist” and purpose.

Social Studies

  • Classwork:  Introduction to geography
  • Homework: Begin Map Project (map project), this will be due 9/10

Thursday, August 28th

Today we completed everybody’s favorite….Scantron Assessment!!!!  In our class we completed both the student’s language arts and reading.  They will complete the math in their math class with Mr. Price.  Monday is a holiday (Labor Day), so students do not have homework assigned for that day.

Here is the homework for Tuesday:

Literary Analysis paragraph rough draft “To Build a Fire”.  Literary Analysis Paragraph Template

They have a graphic organizer entitled “Analyzing Details” that we filled out in class to help them write their rough draft.

History textbook , pages 10-15, Cornell Notes.  cornellnotestemplatedoc

Next week I will have the book review instructions for students so as they begin to read their book of choice, they will know what information they are reading for.  Make sure they choose a book soon to start reading.


Mrs. Coughren



Tuesday, August 26th

In class we are focusing on close reading.  This is a new skill that was just touched on briefly last year.  Students have learned how to approach a text and read to get the “gist” of what the text says first.  Then they go back to the text for a second read and this time with a question in mind.  This is to help them narrow their focus as they read.  We will vary the question on Thursday so they can see how this changes what they look for as they read.  We will also start to analyze the text more in depth on Thursday and we will start writing on Thursday.  All of this is challenging for the students and will take some time for it to become second nature.  Also, today we started our spelling program.  The words they have are super simple, and I realize that.  This program will build on these simple words and get harder very soon.  Here is the homework for today:

Latin root word web, auto and aqua Latin root word web

Sequential Spelling, Wednesday list Sequential Spelling Instructions

History, textbook, chapter 1 section 1.  Students have copies of the pages.  We completed pages 6-7 in class, but students need to continue on with their Cornell notes for pages 8-9. Clues from the Past reading


Lastly students should choose a book to read over the next month.  It is a book of their own choosing, but it must be at least 200 pages.  Students will be completing a “book review” of the book they choose.  I will have more details on this to follow.

Students received planners today!  Yeah!

Please don’t hesitate to call, text or e-mail with questions or concerns.

Sincerely,   Mrs. Coughren


6th Grade: August 27, 2014


  • Classwork:  Fantastic 4, begin lesson on Ratios
  • Homework: Complete Ratio Lesson 1- ratio lesson 1(#1-3 on first page, then 20-22 on last page); and Ratio Lesson 2-math ratio lesson 2 (#1 and 2 on first page, then only odd problems plus #14)


  • Classwork: Powerpoint on Safety in Labs, complete and sign safety contract
  • Homework: Read page 44-49 (finish cornell notes)cornellnotestemplatedoc

Language Arts

Social Studies

Thursday, August 21

Classwork – Complete freewrite #2.  Group discussion.   Free write assignment 2

Classwork – Identifying fact and opinion.

Homework – Prove it! worksheet

Classwork – Close reading of “The Last Expedition” by Robert Falcon Scott.  Close examination of images, write a caption for the picture and turn in.  Close examination of multi-media text.

Homework – Complete a close read of excerpt from “To Build a Fire” by Jack London.   To Build a Fire excerpt

Classwork – Completed new correct world map continents/oceans to keep in binder and study from.  Students should study often, as I will be giving them a “pop” quiz on it in the next few weeks!  🙂

Homework – Latitude and Longitude worksheet, word puzzle.  There is an error in my puzzle…see if you can find it!  I’ll give you a hint:  #8 the second letter should also be shaded as part of the puzzle.  Longitude Latitude Homework puzzle 

Latitude and Longitude map:  Lat and long world map





August 19, 2014…First Day of Class

Classwork – Journal free write, class procedures, rules, binders etc.Parent Acknowledgement Form, Free write assignment 1

Classwork – Map work, name the continentsWorld Continents blank map

Classwork – Oral history discussion, telephone game

Classwork/Homework – Everybody has a story – What’s Yours.  Complete graphic organizer in class, complete rough draft for Thursday.

APLseeds blog assignment –  Persnickety = fussy.  Use Persnickety in a sentence